Social and Enviromental Awareness.

As an innovative business, we have a responsibility to ensure that we are doing our best for the environment and strive to be as sustainable as we possibly can.

Some of our social and environmental objectives are:


Aesthetec's processes and services are structured to ensure we are not producing unessessary waste that will negatively impact the planet.

We try our absolute best to ensure that Aesthetec doesn't produce paper in order to provide any of it's services.


Many of our services with our clients have been completed 100% paperless. Any paper that is produced from our business activity or from our clients is recycled properly.

We also ask that any businesses who wish to contact us, please do it through our contact form.


We encourage using sustainable marketing strategies throughout our processes with clients to be environmentally friendly and economically beneficial.

We also provide advice for our clients on how to implement business activities like marketing (which can be a big contributor to waste) to be more sustainable.


Our commitment in reducing our carbon footprint is by being flexible with taking part in online meetings, events and processes.
We also encourage all our creators and consultants to travel efficiently and consciously to minimalize our carbon wastage.


We believe in the importance of investing in others by sharing our knowledge.


We do this through providing workshops, training sessions and consultancy to local business owners and online users.


For those who aren’t able to attend our events, we also have downloadable e-learning content available online.

To find out more, contact us.